Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central

Depending on your products will depend if you have access Vendor Central, Seller Central or both.

Most businesses that want to sell their products will have Seller Central and this allows you to list all of your products on the Amazon Marketplace. However, navigating through the account setup can be confusing, never mind when it comes to listing your products, understanding what fees you are paying, shipping settings, working out profit margins and then actually selling and delivering the products. WR Squared have years of experience of working on Amazon and managing client accounts meaning that you can focus on your business whilst we reach millions more customers for you.

For companies that develop their own products, many more opportunities are open to you such as Vendor Central which is where you sell and distribute products directly to Amazon who then sell the products on their own behalf as well as Amazon Brand Registry which allows you to setup your trademarked brand on Amazon giving you access to extra features such as A+ Content, Enhanced advertising features as well as the ability to create lightning deals. With a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of the Amazon Marketplace, talk to us on 01473 874372 about how we can help your business to succeed on Amazon.


Ebay Shops

Selling on Ebay can be quite straightforward if you are only looking to sell the odd product here and there. However, once you start adding many products it all gets a bit heavy. There is a lot you can do on ebay in terms of your products; selecting the right categories, writing content for your products that will allow them to stand out as well as appearing higher in searches, product advertising and hitting certain metrics in order to become a top seller.

At WR Squared, we manage this whole process for you from start to finish leaving you to focus on other areas of your business. Call us now on 01473 874372 to discuss how we can help manage your Ebay shop as well as increase sales on Ebay.

Mano Mano Marketplace

One of the newest marketplace platforms in the UK (They have been around a while in Europe), they have come leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and is definitely one of the marketplace platforms that your products should be on. However, this does depend on what industry you are in as they only let certain ranges of products onto the platform. These products tend to be anything related to the DIY/Home sector, for example, tools, appliances, furnishings etc.

Mano Mano is a great platform if you do not do your own Google PPC advertising as Mano Mano will do a lot of it on the back of your products. Mano Mano has a complex system as they are not yet as advanced as Amazon or Ebay, however once you have products setup, it does become a lot easier, especially if your data feeds are created from your e-commerce website to the platform.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you to get your products on to the Mano Mano platform, call us on 01473 874372.

mano mano

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