Top five places to find healthcare professionals

WR Squared news   •   March 22, 2016

Best healthcare professionals

Where are the best places to find and attract healthcare professionals? After working with a leading healthcare recruitment agency for 4 years, attracting over 300’000 healthcare professionals here is our guide to where to find the best healthcare professionals in the UK.

Indeed –

Indeed is by far the number one place to find healthcare professionals. From lower skilled to mid-range there is no better place online to find them all in one place. Indeed offer both a free organic listing for your jobs and a paid sponsoring service. To get even better results from your paid and organic listings then install the indeed apply button on your website and watch those applications come flying in.

Search engines

Google is the leading search engine when it comes to applications form healthcare professionals via both organic and paid but Bing is certainly not far behind. Make sure for organic listings that your site is tailored for both Google and Bing and that users are accessing the site at the start of your preferred user journey, for us that was either on the job page itself or on the category landing page i.e. Nurses or Doctors where they could then look at all our available jobs.


Referrals in this sense is from word of mouth of other staff. Treat your candidates well and they will sing your praises. Also, offering referral schemes such as cash rewards or latest technology items increase the amounts of referrals you get many times over.

Job boards

Job boards can be hit and miss however you must have good ROI tracking in place to get the most out of them. For the healthcare industry we found that Reed ( and CV Library ( performed the best.

Social media

Social media all depends on what type of healthcare professional you are trying to attract. For example, if you are creating campaigns on Facebook targeting Doctors, forget it, you won’t attract any. As always this all comes down to knowing and understanding your target audience. Facebook organic and paid is great for lower to mid-range staff such as Nurses and Support workers whereas Linked in is the place to go for Doctors.

One place that is not in this list but does deserve to have it’s own spot is Nursing agencies list This is more of a nursing agency directory but is very well known in the industry and many Nurses frequently check this site for new agencies and agencies in their local area.


This is not an exact list but what it does show is that attracting the right healthcare professionals can be done without spending huge amounts of money on paid marketing when you can attract them using organic methods. Yes Paid marketing does play a big part in this list but all the above (excluding job boards) offer a free alternative. The key to all of the above is making sure your website has been built in a way that allows you to attract candidates from multiple sources whilst adhering to the standards that companies such as Google and Indeed expect.

If you’d like to discuss this further, contact us at and we will help you to find a solution with your website and online marketing that attracts the candidates you need.