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Are you looking to setup on Amazon? Do you think your Amazon Seller Central account could do more? If so, our Amazon marketplace solutions can help to put you in prime position.


Most businesses that want to sell their products on Amazon will start with Amazon Seller Central. This allows you to list all of your products on the Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Seller Central is a powerful system that can help you to achieve incredible sales. Unbelievable, most users who use the platform don’t know half of what it can can do. By the time they have setup barcodes, understand what fees to pay, shipping settings, working out profit margins, selling products and delivered the products, there isn’t much time to do anything else.

This is where WR Squared can help you. We have years of experience setting up and managing clients Amazon accounts. This then leaves you to focus on your other key business areas whilst we reach millions more customers for you.

Do you manufacture your own products?

For companies that develop their own products, there could be more opportunities open to you such as Vendor Central. This is where you sell and distribute products directly to Amazon who then sell the products on their own behalf. There is also the Amazon Brand Registry which allows you to setup your trademarked brand on Amazon. This gives you access to extra features such as A+ Content, Enhanced advertising features as well as the ability to create lightning deals.

With a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of the Amazon Marketplace, talk to us on 01473 874372 about how we can help your business to succeed on Amazon.

We tried to setup our own Amazon account but didn’t really know how to use it and it became suspended. WR Squared fixed the account issues, setup all of our products properly including purchasing and setting up barcodes. Not only has this made Amazon a new profitable channel for us, but it allowed us to get our products organised in a way that sets us up for future growth which we are now starting to realise. They also took control of our Ebay account which is now turning over three times as much as it did three months ago. The best thing about this is that WR Squared only charge me a commission on what I sell so they have been worth every penny – Rikki Gradley – Capitol Jump 2 It

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