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We partner with brands to manage their portfolio of products across online marketplaces such as Ebay.

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Are you selling on Ebay? Do you think your product listings could do more? Are you struggling to find the time to keep up?

Selling on Ebay can be quite straightforward if you are only looking to sell the odd product here and there. However, once you start adding many products it all gets a bit heavy. There is a lot you can do on ebay in terms of your products; selecting the right categories, writing content for your products that will allow them to stand out as well as appearing higher in searches, product advertising and hitting certain metrics in order to become a top seller.

At WR Squared, we manage this whole process for you from start to finish leaving you to focus on other areas of your business. Call us now on 01473 874372 to discuss how we can help manage your Ebay shop as well as increase sales on Ebay.

We tried to setup our own Amazon account but didn’t really know how to use it and it became suspended. WR Squared fixed the account issues, setup all of our products properly including purchasing and setting up barcodes. Not only has this made Amazon a new profitable channel for us, but it allowed us to get our products organised in a way that sets us up for future growth which we are now starting to realise. They also took control of our Ebay account which is now turning over three times as much as it did three months ago. The best thing about this is that WR Squared only charge me a commission on what I sell so they have been worth every penny – Rikki Gradley – Capitol Jump 2 It


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